May 19, 2017


Frequently Asked Questions - God’s Blessings Beach House

Question: When do we get the information about how to access the house?
Answer:  It will be e-mailed to you a week prior to your stay

Question: How far away is the beach?

Answer: The house is 1 row back from the ocean. The access to the beach path is just across the lane. Climb over 2 dunes and you're there!  If you have little ones it may be easier to use the boardwalk access just a couple of houses down the lane.  The boardwalk has 20+ stairs over the 1st dune, then you walk on the sandy beach bath over the 2nd dune, which is a smaller dune.  It's about a 3 minute walk total.

Question:  Where is the laundry room key located?
Question:  It is located on key rack near the main door.

When are trash pick-up days?

Tuesday and Friday (put out trash bins the night before as trash pickup usually occurs around 2-3 AM)  You may hear a large truck driving by beeping with flashing lights, don't be alarmed, it's just the garbage truck.

Question: Can I bring my pet?

Answer: No.We are a pet free home as some of our guests have pet allergies/asthma.

Question: Why do I have to provide my address and contact info?

Answer: This is protection for both parties as it applies to liability for the NC Rental Agreement, and also for liability insurance on God’s Blessings beach house.

Question: Can I extend my stay?

Answer: The online calendar is updated regularly. If you check and the requested date(s) are open, we should be able to accommodate a longer stay if you contact us well in advance (7 days in advance minimum).

Question: What if I have maintenance issues, say the toaster is on the fritz and one of the bathroom sinks is slow to drain!

Answer: Please call Hatteras Helping Hands at 252-995-3390 during business hours. For after hour’s emergency: 252-995-3390. Emergencies are lock outs, no electric, no water - all other issues will be dealt with during business hours.

Question: Can I check-in before the mandatory 4 PM check-in?

Answer: Check-in no earlier than 4 PM. The housekeeping company needs to work on cleaning and preparing the house for your stay. There are numerous activities nearby the house to enjoy if you arrive before 4 PM. Check out Canadian Hole, access to Pamlico sound with a little sandy beach just 1 minute drive south of the house. There are bathrooms and showers there. It's located at the "Haul Over" area.

Question: Can I check-out later than 10 AM?

Answer: You and your party must check-out by 10 AM. (This isn’t up for negotiation.) The housekeeping staff needs to clean the house for same-day arriving guests. Please have all items out of the house, as cleaning occurs promptly at 10 AM.

Question: I really like to move house furniture around. Can I move God’s Blessings beach house furniture, also?

Answer: Our family knows you respect our home, and our furniture as we love each piece of furniture and where we positioned it. We are allowing you to stay, and we thank you for not moving any furniture, large or small.

Question: What should I bring with me for my stay?

Answer: We provide some beach toys for the kiddos to play with and chairs for the beach. Don’t forget the beach towels, sun glasses, and sun screen! We do provide a starter bag with toilet paper, paper towels, and various soaps, though it isn’t enough for more than a few days to get you started.