April 4, 2018

Come see the famous Lost Colony Play

Hatteras Island is located in Dare County.  Why is it called Dare County and what is this famous Lost Colony play on Roanoke Island every summer?
Back in the late 1500, when Europeans were setting up colonies in the New World, Sir Walter Raleigh from England established a settlement on Roanoke Island, NC.  They encountered harsh winters, Native American Indian tribes, and lack of food.  Survivors of the settlement, including 2 Indians, returned to England.  Later a second group of colonists including 150 men, women, and children and the 2 Indians decided to try again.  John White was the governor and he was accompanied by his daughter Eleanor and her husband Ananias Dare.  Eleanor gave birth to the first English child born in the New World and named her Virginia Dare. It was soon clear the colonists needed more supplies from England so a reluctant John White had to return to England to get the supplies. Due to a war that broke out with Spain, it took 3 years for him to be able to return. He finally arrived on the date of his granddaughter's 3rd birthday, however, he could not find the colonists. By the side of the fence that surrounded the colony the word CROATOAN was carved on a post. White and his party searched and searched, but never found anyone from the colony.  He hoped they were with the Croatoan tribesmen on Hatteras Island with their Indian friend Manteo.

Dare County is named after Virginia Dare.

Every summer the Lost Colony Play is performed in Roanoke Island.  Can you figure out this mystery?

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